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Successful—truly successful—buying and selling of property in the current climate requires something over and above the services of a regular real estate agent. Those who partner with South Florida realtor and concierge real estate agent, Tammy Hernandez, benefit from the expertise of one of the country’s leading achievement-driven professionals. In short, Ms. Hernandez gets results…

When it comes to selling your house fast, and for the best price, your choice of real estate partner is vital. First and foremost is the crucial aspect of the property valuation. Getting this right on point is essential, as it’s one of the overriding factors that influences the desire of potential buyers to view, fall in love with, and ultimately sign on the dotted line and close the deal. 

But accurate valuation is only the first step—marketing brilliance is what’s going to bring about the lucrative conclusion of a sale. With over a decade of experience in showcasing the finest of South Florida homes and commercial properties, Tammy’s knowledge and skill in valuation and presentation means your real estate will be priced and exhibited in that perfect sweet spot—a critical step for the desired fast sale at the highest price.

Real Estate in Miami

Tammy’s knowledge of Miami real estate is second to none. The area boasts beautiful communities, ranging from exclusive private properties surrounded by land through to luxury condos, vibrant city living, and quaint cottages. If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Miami, then Tammy’s extensive experience in the region, coupled with her established network of property-related contacts, leads to fast sales or, for buyers, the stress-free discovery of your perfect dream home.

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