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The interior decoration of a property is what transforms a mere living space into a real home. While some people choose to carry out such work themselves, nothing can match the beautiful results achieved by professional craftspeople. High-end realtor and luxury lifestyle influencer, Tammy Hernandez, offers a premium interior decorating and advisory service perfectly suited for those seeking the ultimate in décor for their home surroundings.

The Importance Of Interior Decoration 

Interior decoration within a home isn’t simply about deciding on a color scheme and furnishings. While these are, of course, an element of the process, true interior décor is about finding the unique solution that provides an aesthetically appealing structure that doesn’t compromise on practicality.

The combination of décor and design makes the best use of available space, creates the desired atmosphere, and transforms the quality of life for those who enter and is, naturally, an extension of your style. Of course, some individuals have a natural talent for visualizing what works and the resulting finish. However, for most people, the creation of their dream home décor is best determined with the assistance of a skilled expert.

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How To Hire A Professional Interior Decorator

 Because interior décor is highly personal, the relationship between you and your chosen decorator needs to be a trusted one. You need to feel comfortable that they understand your style and the result you want to achieve.

Much in the way you build up a relationship with other creative souls, such as your hairdresser, the person you put your faith in to complete your home décor should also provide the same level of confidence.

When you hire a home decorator you should: 

  • Set yourself a budget: Even if money’s no object it makes sense to set a budget that your interior decorator can work with. Doing so allows them to suggest feasible options, rather than present examples that you fall in love with only to discover they’re not within your price range.
  • Interview potential decorators: Once you’ve made your shortlist of possible professionals you should research their work—any reputable interior decorator will be delighted to show you examples of their previous projects. Arrange to meet them, talk with them, and get a feel for whether you gel. It’s vital that you feel happy with who you work with, so don’t hire an interior decorator just because you like previous work they’ve undertaken.
  • Give them your vision: You might want to create a vision board—images you’ve seen in magazines that you love, fabrics, colors and shades, different ways to layout your existing furniture, patterns, textures… You get the picture. This will help them understand and get in tune with your personal style.
  • Don’t be afraid to question or make suggestions: It’s your home, after all, so you need to have a major input to ensure you end up with the dream interior you require. Any good interior decorator will welcome as much guidance as possible, as they want the finished product to be something you adore.

Professional vs. DIY

Interior home decoration has two distinct aspects: planning and implementation. You may choose to undertake both yourself or use the services of a professional to assist with one or both elements.

Complete DIY interior décor: The DIY route is best suited to those with an artistic eye for detail, have a clear vision of how they wish their room/home to look, the skills to carry out the manual labor needed to ensure a quality finish, and the purchasing time/abilities to seek out bespoke items such as soft furnishings, lighting, and other ornaments.

The hybrid approach: If you have the vision but not the practical skills, you could plan out the required look and hire a professional to carry out the work. Alternatively, you might take advantage of an interior designer’s talents to determine the best use of space, color, and design, and once decided you could carry out the work yourself. Either way, Tammy Hernandez Interior Decoration Services would be delighted to assist.

Complete Professional Service: For many, this is the preferred solution. It’s especially effective for those who aren’t sure how to make the best of their space, and need an expert to make suggestions that are relevant to the function of the room/s and their personal preferences, lifestyle, and character. The work is then completed, leaving you to relax and enjoy the results.

Each approach has its pros and cons.

 Carrying out everything yourself can lead to a great deal of personal satisfaction. As long as you get it right this can be the most cost-effective option. However, mistakes can be costly, especially if you then need to call on a professional to change or re-do the work you’ve already done. In addition, unless you’re highly proficient at tasks such as painting and decorating, the final result is unlikely to be as polished as that a craftsperson can achieve.

 Utilizing the services of a professional will, of course, incur costs. Depending on the size of the project this could run into thousands of dollars. But for many, this is a small price to pay for the dream results achieved. The talent of a truly skilled home interior decorator and designer such as Tammy Hernandez makes the best use of the color scheme, ambiance, and symmetry to achieve the desired result.

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