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What Does an Interior Decorator Do?

living space is more than just about its design. It’s about the little elements that come together as a whole to give you a beautiful, livable home that doesn’t compromise style and functionality. It’s also about how your space is utilized to make optimal use of the available space.

If you’re thinking about transforming your own living space into a cozy home, you can DIY if you have a good eye for details and a clear vision of how you want your space to look. However, if you aren’t completely sure how to maximize your space or how you want your home to look, you can eliminate the guesswork and go for a complete professional service.

Having your interior décor done by professionals saves you time and leaves little room for errors. You’ll be in the hands of experienced stylists who can make informed suggestions as to how to decorate your space while keeping with your personal preferences, style, and most importantly, your budget. 

If you’re planning to transform your home, you might be asking yourself, “Where can I find an interior decorator near me?” We’re here to help you out. This article serves as a guide on what an interior decorator does and where you can find one that’s near you.

Interior Decorator VS interior Designer: What’s the Difference? 

The terms “interior decorator” and “interior designer” are often used interchangeably. While both are endeavors that require research, creativity, and a clear vision, they have differences that help set them apart. 

An interior designer’s primary responsibility is to understand peoples’ behaviors to create interior spaces that are optimal and functional. This includes determining the shapes of a room’s floor or walls. They work closely with the architect or developer and consider factors like local building codes, accessibility, and acoustics, among others when designing a space.

Interior decoration is about using elements like paint, fabric, and furnishings to develop the aesthetics of a space without compromising its practicality. They are hired either by the architect, developer, or the homeowners themselves and consider design concepts like art, fixtures, and furnishings, among other elements. 

Interior decorators are in charge of actually determining a wall’s color, selecting the right furniture to go with a space, and adding accessories like wall art to enhance the look of a room. Often, they complement the work of interior designers to curate pieces for a space after the interior designer has made structural or functional changes. 

What an interior decorator doesn’t do is create interior spaces. They don’t do anything to change a space’s structural layout, like knock down walls or create new doorways to change foot traffic. 

When you want to bring your design vision to life or give your home a makeover without the need to make any structural changes, you can choose an interior decorator.

The Importance of Interior Decoration

Well-executed interior decoration can provide several benefits for the homeowner. Hiring a professional interior decorator will cost you money, but you’ll also be able to save money by avoiding costly mistakes that can actually lower the value of your home. Working with a professional also means that you’ll receive a proper assessment that helps you make more efficient budget and design choices.

They also have the necessary contacts that helps speed things up. You won’t have to spend time researching products, reliable contractors, and prices because your interior decorator can do this on your behalf. Aside from their network, they also have access to an established range of available resources, some of which aren’t available to most people. 

They can also supervise the project from its conception to the finishing touches, saving you time and giving you peace of mind should something unexpected come up. 

Aside from bringing efficiency to the operations, having a professional work on your home can have a positive effect on your home’s overall appeal and even increase its resale value. This comes in handy if you’re thinking of eventually selling your home, as it won’t have to sit on the market for too long. 

Your house tells a story. With the help of an interior decorator, you can bring this narrative to life. You can make your space more livable and with it, enjoy an improved quality of life. 

Working with a professional gives you the advantage of being able to communicate your vision well without compromising your budget. They also take into account any questions or suggestions that you might have when it comes to redecorating your space. 

Have you always wanted to give your home an upgrade? Thinking about giving your home a makeover before putting it on the market? Get in touch with a professional interior decorator like Tammy Hernandez and see your home become your ideal living space.