Buying a house is, without a doubt, right up there when it comes to momentous life events. Seeking out the perfect property isn’t necessarily easy, and finding a home is only one part of the process. This makes partnering with an established real estate agent who has an intimate local knowledge of the area you’re looking to buy a sound decision.

Tammy Hernandez is the top buying agent in South Florida. Thanks to an astounding industry network built up over more than a decade and an outstanding track record, this personable professional is the premier choice for buyers looking for luxury homes in this sought-after location

Steps To Buying A House

When it comes to the process of how to buy a house, there are various stages that every transaction needs to follow. The first is, of course, the desire to buy a property. Once this seed has been sown then this is the timeline that most purchases follow:

  1.     Hire an agent: It’s highly recommended that you choose an agent with a well-established reputation and profound local knowledge of the area you want to buy in.
  2.     Secure your financing: This will either be pre-approval for a mortgage or, for cash purchasers, official confirmation (Proof of Funds/Letter of Qualification) from your financial institution that you have the stated funds in place.
  3.     Find your property: The property search is usually carried out with the assistance of your real estate agent. They’ll show you homes that meet your required specifications and are within budget.
  4.     Make an offer: This will either be accepted, declined, or the vendor may counteroffer. Your realtor will act as the intermediary through whom the negotiating will be carried out.
  5.     Perform inspections and due diligence: Once an offer has been accepted then the various necessary legalities will be carried out.
  6.     Close on the home: Funds will be released from escrow and you’ll become the legal owner of the property.
  7.     Move in: Undoubtedly the most enjoyable day of the house buying process.
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Do I Need An Agent To Buy A House?

In principle, it’s not necessary to partner with a real estate agent when buying a house. However, in reality, most people do. The latest figures from Statista show that 86% of all US property purchases take advantage of the services of a realtor.

There are many advantages to using an agent, not least because a good real estate professional will dramatically reduce the amount of time you waste looking at properties that aren’t quite right. When you partner with top South Florida buying agent, Tammy Hernandez, you enter into a relationship that’s strategically tailored exactly to your needs.

She creates a bespoke action plan to present you with real estate that matches your lifestyle, desires, and budget. She has up-to-the-minute knowledge of properties on the market and is on point to be the first to know when new houses are offered for sale. In addition, she’ll advise you of data regarding neighborhood demographics and has an unparalleled ability in negotiating you—the buyer—the very best price.

When it comes to how to deal with real estate agents when buying a home, it’s all down to striking up a trusted relationship with the right person in the first place. Manage that and you’ll benefit from a formidable asset on your side that’ll save you a great deal of wasted time and nail the price of your chosen property down to the very last dollar.

Buy A House In South Florida

Tammy Hernandez is the premier house buying professional in South Florida. With over a decade of experience in the industry, plus a passion for everything to do with real estate, her uncanny ability to match people with the perfect property is largely down to her profound knowledge of the localities in which she specializes.

Buy a House in Miami, Florida

The sought after city of Miami, it’s suburbs and surrounds are one of Ms. Hernandez’s favorite areas. From a sprawling beachside paradise to luxury condo or penthouse, she guides buyer’s to homes or commercial premises that tick all their must-have boxes. Her incredible local knowledge includes not only the city, but Miami Beach, South Beach, and further into Miami-Dade County.

Buy a House in Boca Raton, Fl.

The city of Boca Raton is another delightful location that Tammy knows inside out. From stunning retirement properties through to the latest new-builds perfect for the younger, tech-savvy crowd that’s being drawn here thanks to a fast-increasing need for professionals, she has her finger on the pulse of the best properties available to purchase.

Contact Tammy Now For A Confidential Consultation

Whether you’ve made the decision to buy a house or are still in the contemplation stage, the first step is to contact Tammy now. Even if you’re still early in the process, it pays to get an expert professional opinion as to what your budget will buy, the types of property on offer and, most importantly, to being to forge the essential buyer-agent relationship that leads to the discovery of your dream home.

Naturally, any details disclosed in the meeting will be in the strictest of confidence and you’re under no obligation. So don’t delay, contact Tammy Hernandez today and benefit from the expertise of South Florida’s preeminent house buyer.

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