The process of staging is done to make a property as appealing as possible to potential buyers—both when viewing photographs and video tours as well as when they visit in person. No-one in the real estate industry understands the process of house staging better than leading South Florida realtor, Tammy Hernandez. 

When you enter into a partnership with her to sell your home you’ll benefit from her bespoke expert advice as to how best present your property to attract a fast house sale for the highest possible price.

 What Is Staging?

Staging is a marketing tactic that involves using décor, furnishings, and features that present your home in a manner that truly tempts prospective purchasers. It’s not simply about highlighting the property’s best features, although this is, of course, an element of the process. It’s about creating a tantalizing, textbook living space in which viewers can envisage themselves living their best life.

Staging might be as simple as decluttering, rearranging furniture, and adding elements like soft furnishing and decorative items. Or it might involve more of a makeover, such as color choice, introducing individual ornamental features, or the addition of pieces of furniture to best show off various rooms. This latter is especially used for vacant properties, as the majority of people find it challenging to imagine luxury home comforts in a room that’s essentially an empty canvas.

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How To Stage A House

 When selling vacant real estate, it’s usual to employ a professional stager who’ll bring in the exact furniture and accessories to create a show home environment. Tammy Hernandez is the ultimate professional when it comes to home staging. With empty properties she’ll arrange for the most effective elements needed to beautifully showcase each room.

 When it comes to staging a house that’s being lived in, Tammy will usually advise on how to best use your existing furniture and décor to create the required buyer appeal. In some cases, she might discuss whether a makeover would be profitable, or whether or not you need to consider removing or adding various elements around the house.

 Suggestions might include: 

  • Declutter: This is likely to be the first part of the process. A minimalist look makes the most of the available space and is aesthetically pleasing to viewers.
  • Rearranging furniture: Strategic placement further enhances the illusion of space and, done correctly, will draw attention to the property’s best features.
  • Soft furnishings and ornaments: The use of cushions, throws, candles, and other trimmings give a home the stylish luxury feel that helps potential buyers imagine themselves in the living space.
  • Aroma: The human sense of smell is the only one that bypasses conscious thought and can effectively trigger emotions. Using reed or a scent diffuser creates positive vibes, and is a powerful tool to enhance the required feelings and emotions when people view. Different fragrances in various rooms can be used to further generate buyers to see themselves living in your home, such as relaxing perfumes in the bedroom and aromas tinted with delicious gingerbread and cinnamon in the kitchen.
  • Lighting: Both natural and artificial light can be used to open out a space or to spotlight particularly appealing areas. 

Staging A House To Sell

Quite simply, staged houses sell faster and for more money. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that photographs of a staged house attract 40% more potential buyer to schedule a viewing, that 77% of them were more able to imagine themselves living there and, most importantly, 31% of buyers increased their offer by 1-5% when a house was professionally staged.

A survey carried out by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. discovered that staged houses sell twice as fast, and for an average 6% above the asking price. The NAR also determined that the longer a property remains on the market, the lower the price drops.

When you partner with Tammy Hernandez to sell your home she’ll determine the level of staging that’s appropriate for your property. Whether it’s simple tasks that can be carried out yourself through to a whole home makeover, she’ll advise on the exact professional service to create the ultimate desired impression.


Schedule A Consultation With Tammy Hernandez 

Once the decision has been made to sell, or if you’re concerned that your property isn’t tempting buyers, then scheduling an appointment with Tammy at the earliest opportunity is key to a successful sale. Her years of experience as a realtor and a passion for luxury living means she knows exactly how to present properties that cry out to be loved by potential purchasers.

Her extensive network of real estate industry professionals means that Tammy can quickly determine an action plan for the staging necessary to drive a fast sale. Schedule your appointment with Tammy Hernandez today and take the vital step necessary that’ll bring you that crucial step nearer to closing your property deal.


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