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How To Find Investment Properties

Investment property—or rather, quality investment property—isn’t always easy to find. South Florida has long tempted investors for several reasons, including a healthy economy and a high rental yield.

No matter where you’re searching, happening upon the right property (or properties) doesn’t happen by chance. The following discusses different ways in which to approach your search and offers advice to both novice and experienced investors.

Create a Search Strategy 

  •     DIY or professional search?
  •     Florida property management and investment

DIY or professional search?

Before any search commences it’s necessary to determine a strategy. The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you have the experience and time (not to mention patience) to go it alone.

Pinpointing real estate with high-yield potential is an ever-increasing challenge. The current volatile climate is now, more than ever, seeing people lean towards investing in bricks and mortar—a situation that’s creating a significant impact, both in availability and the expense of finding potential opportunities.

This is why many people opt to use the services of a property investment advisor and/or realtor who specializes in sourcing such purchases.

For those who head down the DIY route, there are a variety of online databases that list such real estate. In addition, many also offer other features and advice that might be of value to real estate investors. 

Websites that are worth looking at include:


Florida property management and investments

It won’t take long before even the most rookie of investors realize that the amount of time spent searching for a suitable investment property can snowball into a virtually full-time job. That’s why many people turn to an investment advisor and realtor to assist.

Today’s market is unlike anything investors have experienced in generations, making it a shrewd move to take professional advice. Not only will it save you countless fruitless hours trawling through listings, but an investment-savvy realtor has the expertise that addresses all the current aspects that are impacting the market in real-time.

Using Property Investment Advisors: Miami, South Florida, and Further Afield

  •     Choosing the ultimate property investment advisor

Choosing the ultimate property investment advisor

The choice of property investment advisor and realtor should be undertaken in a manner that’s as strategic as the search itself. Let’s take a look at the region of South Florida—an area that has long been seen as a highly viable location in which to invest. While we’ve homed in on a particular location, the points we’re making are valid wherever you might be searching.

South Florida boasts many cities attractive to property investors. Miami is probably the first that springs to mind, but Broward and Palm Beach are other prime examples. With a vibrant economy only just shy of that of Hong Kong, the right investment properties here can be extremely lucrative.

The best realtor who understands your investment needs will need to possess in-depth knowledge of the area. 

While knowing the ins and outs of the locality is, naturally, vital, when it comes to real estate investment your chosen realtor needs to possess further attributes. In short, they need to be ahead of the game of constantly emerging factors. Examples relevant today would be the impact of restrictions on the Airbnb market, understanding state-wide employment and how it impacts the property market, and how the COVID pandemic is affecting property investment. 

As time goes by these current issues will mature and change. Any good investment realtor makes it their business to evolve along with them. Doing so means that they can introduce you to investment properties that will stand the test of time, presenting the highest likelihood that today’s attractive yield will remain lucrative for many years to come. 

Tammy Hernandez Real Estate: Leading Property Investment Advisors Miami 

Serious investors know that when it comes to finding Florida property, their management and investment needs are well addressed by one of the region’s leading realtors—Tammy Hernandez.

With years of industry experience, she possesses an intimate knowledge of the area, infrastructure, and local investment opportunities. This winning combination means Ms. Hernandez is ideally placed to help her clients find the most lucrative properties in the region.

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